Do The Cobra (2016)

Hey! (2004)

Do the Pump (2013)

Achilifunk (2015)

Oh Ben ça alors ! (2015)

Une chanson Rock (2015)

Mercy Mercy Baby (2003)

Loca Linda (1992)

French President Elections pitched with famous videos

These famous videos are worth a thousand words to explain the french candidates campaigns : 1/ Benoit Hamon (Socialist) In French "le travail c'est la santé, ne rien faire c'est la conserver, les prisonniers du boulot font pas de vieux os" means "work is health,...

Juan Ripollés

Ripollés est un révolutionnaire, c'est à lui seul une vie rebelle, née à l'époque d'alliances internationales économiques, culturelles, politiques. Ripollés était un fervent défenseur de la liberté sous le régime de Franco, un gardien de la vie plurielle, vie pensée...

Have a shadow idea

Have a shadow idea And absolute forgiveness Like the Teenager Who sees the end of the world Wandering in the ocean of emptiness, Wandering soul Becoming Black Angel At the last step Have a shadow idea And eternal embrace To the sound of the great bell tower, To the...
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Will we see our children grow and the roses continue to blush Will we see happy fish in the sea and the fairies in the woods no longer cry Will we see the rich mess tins give a little to the others Will we see the gaping holes filled by the will of the gods Will we...
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Is it better not to feel the smell of corn rather than to dream of stones and torments Is it not better to return to the Dawn as soon as one draws its way into the infinitely pure Is it better not to ride a storm every time another loses his faith in the Azure Is it...
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What to do or not to do To stir up love that others do not What to do or not to do To believe that everything is everything, to believe that everything is nothing What to do or not to do So that the sounds rumble and darken less quickly What to do or not to do For...
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To get old Getting up one morning Without thinking about sadness Which we love almost, Before Walk And no longer see the sea Without becoming the other Because one dreams no longer, Before Something In the groove of oblivion To the thousand splashes That one sees more...
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