France-based musician Juan Naveira with a barrage of psychedelic organ & guitar sounds
Les Juanitos

« 100% Good Vibes Music » with Juanitos since 1991! Juanitos is an internationally-minded SoulJazz inspired group from Chambéry, France. They’ve been making all kindsa exotic beats since 1991 : irresistable rock’n’roll beats, latin grooves, Afrobeat or reggae-leaning funk moods. Juanitos music is spontaneous, dancing , for maximum groove at the junction of easy-listening of funky James Taylor Quartet and the punky rage Seeds. These  » soul men  » Spanish Savoyards , a bit dark in the soul , while returning to base clapping and Charleston depraved humor and energy … These  » soul men  » Spanish Savoyards , a bit dark in the soul , while returning to base clapping.

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« France-based musician Juan Naveira aka Mr Juan (also known in regard to his side projects Juanitos, Miss Emma and Limbo Deluxe) is back with a barrage of psychedelic organ sounds, seamless surf licks, dizzy funk grooves, and sly latin motives mixed flickers. Similarly to his previous issues it is highly amusing and chilling. If you dare to call it as « muzak » then you should admit it is a sort of arty muzak whose inspirational sources do hark back to whimsical space age pop and elfish exotica/tiki pop in addition to the aforementioned sections. However, there are even up some motorik elements related to the aesthetics of krautrock, and indie vibes. »

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Limbo Deluxe

After years of great labour in rock’n’roll garage bands. In the spring of 2002, and Juan Pierre have joined forces to mount the concept Limbo deluxe . Our two chaps are from the pop rock scene of Chambéry (France Savoie). In less than a month ( between April and May 2002 ) nearly 50 titles emerged drawers are mounted by Juan and arragements are made on a drum with Peter. Limbo style gradually takes a look that will surprise even his own creators : an amazing alchemy Blending electronic and acoustic influences drawn from an infinity of musical cultures ( calypso, rock and roll , reggae, son cubano , bossa nova, reggae , gospel , electronica ! ). Limbo deluxe was a great live band !

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