20 essential songs


Here is a nice gift for these end-of-year celebrations: the provision of 20 fabulous Juanitos tracks recorded between 1992 and 2004 on 7 different albums (Surfin’Matador, Do the Cobra, Crazy Vibrations, Exotica, Soul & Roots Vol.1 and Soul & Roots Vol.2). 

20 fantastic tunes that have been picked up here and there from thousand popular videos on the web and played live many times by the Juanitos. You will easily find all the styles of music that we borrowed from the Juanitos during those beautiful inspirated years at a time when there were no viruses or climatic shits yet.

As a great friend and Italian fan of the Juanitos once said, if we have to name all this musical mess, then let’s call it Super Exotic 60’s Beat!

Now, you just have to enjoy these sounds again by listening to them on your favorite platforms Spotify, Deezer, Youtube or upload them directly to iTunes. This is the perfect time to get back to an explosive and inimitable atmosphere that only the Juanitos have managed to provide to their numerous listeners, even after having been imitated by many other artists on numerous occasions. Long live the unique, incomparable, universal, infinite and unmissable sound of the Juanitos.


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Here are the brand new recordings of MrJuan : only 1 guitar and 1 autotune effect to brave the fundamentals of modern popular music. MrJuan recorded each of his tracks in one go, without any preparation, and mixed them in the process with some additional effects: spreader, compression and sometimes phaser. You will listen to 100% live one shots, without any artifice (except the effects like I told you). These recordings have a historical interest because of their authenticity and their singularity, they will perhaps allow a civilization coming from elsewhere to come and reconcile with the humans, to forgive them and to give a new sense to their dull existence. We strongly invite you to listen to these recordings with a clean ear, either when you wake up or before going to bed. But you will be able to play this playlist whenever you want of course. You will recognize many very famous songs and others less. It’s up to you to distinguish the ones you know from the others. Good luck! All styles are covered in this now cult series in the obnoxious universe except classical music, opera and free jazz. Although… Don’t hesitate to contact MrJuan to give him all your love and support to promote these works which are still little listened to today.


Here is MrJuan’s brand new musical concept for 2021: El Mambo Mix! A series of mixes of lots of different songs that MrJuan has sung throughout his long career as a stage frontman, whether with rock groups or on the occasion of his various solo productions. You will find yourself in a very unique atmosphere, a bit like sipping a fresh Mojito by a tropical pool while listening to MrJuan’s radio. On beats of cumbia, salsa or merengue, you can satisfy your thirst for Latin Caribbean warmth and musical daring. It is all the caliente energy of MrJuan that you will find in these hallucinating mixes, pills of youth and eternity for those who know how to listen, open their heart and especially move their hips like a crazy dancer who does not care about system, of its work and waiting for a better world to come to its feet quickly. He can therefore thank MrJuan for this beautiful promise achieved with the Mambo Mixes. You will receive an avalanche of timpani, frenzied bells, bewitched brass, precise songs to call for redemption, as well as a little psychedelia with organ and sometimes bizarre sounds. It is the panacea of ​​party music and you have the power to be able to listen to it now.

“Gain confidence with the Mambo Mix from MrJuan! Prepare your ambient sound future by broadcasting the mambo mixes to all your loved ones! Benefit from an unparalleled sound placebo effect to heal yourself from the incessant epidemics of our cruel world! Increase your life expectancy by dancing mindlessly to MrJuan’s hectic rhythms and be convinced that he is right to make you dance! Party at home like never before by crossing your feet on cumbia, merengue or salsa rhythms and trying to avoid tripping! Seek happiness and appeasement by broadcasting the Mambo Mix in your city by opening your car door and turning on the sound! Bury your friends’ heads in the speakers so they can get the most sound vitamins and get the most out of them! Avoid listening to other music from now on so as not to pollute the benefits of Mambo Mix! Listen 5 to 6 times a day for solid health! Flee from repetitive electronic music, aggressive rock music and draw your well-being from the Latin rhythms of MrJuan!

Find the immeasurable sound of mambo mix 2 on MixCloud! Take advantage of your hour and a quarter to come to disconnect from your daily anxieties and fill yourself with beneficial waves and promoting the reinforcement of your immunity! Take this unique opportunity to save yourself from the gloomy and noxious atmosphere that is invading the world! Invite your friend, your sexual partners or your family to come dance hand in the air and moving the hips from right to left for 1 hour to preserve their cardiovascular balance and their mental well-being! Glorify on this occasion the God Mambo who lives in you and asks only to be titillated to satisfy your desire for pleasure! Enjoy it! Save your soul from the hell of complacency and self-satisfaction to open yourself to more joy produced by the complex and frenzied rhythms of MrJuan!”

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Here is MrJuan’s 100% spiritual album. Touched by divine grace, MrJuan comes here to offer you this time to continue to believe in him and especially in his music. By listening to these 8 songs, you will be able to continue to believe in life above all and realize that salvation comes through this album. Do not hesitate any longer, get out of purgatory and join the kingdom of MrJuan. Stop thinking about complicated things and simply let yourself be carried away on this mystical adventure unprecedented in the history of music. To forget all your daily worries, stop your baseless crying, paint the most beautiful picture that can emerge for you and rejoice in the love that MrJuan is going to give you: let it enter you!

Dance with MrJuan
Disponible sur ITunes, Spotify, Deezer

Here is a last MrJuan album to listen to urgently to end the year 2020. MrJuan returns to bases of retro dance music, disco-soul with a lot of hammond organ, latin trumpets and delicious breakbeats to the delight of fans of the 1st hour. Find a 60’s core sound to delight DJs looking for danceable nuggets. These tracks are played on very simple bases and chords to catch the ear and satisfy easy listening for all non-experienced audiences. The lyrics are borrowed from the vocabulary of garage rock and alternative movements. Take advantage of “Hello Bongo!” it is to guarantee to find a 2021 better and more wonderful than 2020. Do not hesitate any longer, and go to Bandcamp to download this already legendary album for most of those who have not yet listened to it.