These famous videos are worth a thousand words to explain the french candidates campaigns :

1/ Benoit Hamon (Socialist)

In French “le travail c’est la santé, ne rien faire c’est la conserver, les prisonniers du boulot font pas de vieux os” means “work is health, do nothing is to preserve it, People who are prisoners of their work do not live long”
Henri Salvador’s song illustrates very well one of the projects of the socialist Benoit Hamon: universal basic income of €755 (£655) a month for all citizens for all French.

2/ Marine Le Pen (extreme right-wing)

A beautiful poetic illustration. In this very famous and disturbing sequence of Disney’s Snow White, the witch is Marine Le Pen and Snow White is the people. The apple is the speech and political program of Le Pen.

3/ Emmanuel Macron (Liberal Democrat)

Emmanuel Macron is a former business banker who seduces a lot of French … But nobody really knows or lies his discourse between liberalism and egalitarianism. It is criticized for being only a continuation of François Hollande.

4/ Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Extreme left)

Mélenchon is a Man of real left who follows the political line of Mitterrand. He wants to remove to the 5th French republic and to reshape a more egalitarian system … Utopian?

5/ François Fillon (Ultra Liberal)

Fillon is currently charged with misappropriating public funds … No one believes in him any more … ah yes, only one … himself. Well, the problem on Félix Baumgartner’s video is that the landing is perfect … Probably not Fillon’s one!